Woman Jumps in front a car to save a boy.

Viewer discretion advised. A woman jumps in front of car to save a boy

Graphic Image. Viewer discretion advised.

Caught on camera – Watch as a car slams into pedestrians in Connecticut, pinning a woman and a child against a building. It was confirmed that save for the good Samaritan woman who shielded the boy against the car, the crash would’ve been fatal.

GOD has a way of doing his own things. It’s very hard to believe, when you look at the CCT video, that the victims didn’t die when a speeding car crashed into pedestrians, slamming them into a building.

The woman who shielded the boy from the car and who would be most suitable referred to as a good Samaritan has been identified as Shanta Jordan. She jumped in front of the car in a frantic effort to push the boy away from the speeding car. As confirmed by the Police, her body absorbed much of the impact and in the process, saved the child’s life although he was seriously injured.

“She is a heroine. That’s what she is. She is a great person, and she is an asset to this community,” said Chief Perez.

Friend and neighbour Jennifer says Jordan, who is still recovering in the hospital, showed incredible heroism and deserves the honour.

Police say doctors initially thought they would have to amputate both of the boy’s legs, but surgeons in the hospital spent hours operating and spared him that fate. They say if it was not for the amazing bravery of Shanta Jordan, this little boy’s family would be grieving his loss.

The driver is also hospitalized. He will be facing reckless driving and other charges.

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