Restaurant in a toilet?

Well, you guessed that right. Just that unlike as literal as it sounds, you won’t be typically emptying your bowel inside the restaurant. I bet that’s unimaginable. Don’t throw up yet.

The Asians are known for their bizarre life style. From eating frog, to fried spiders and noodle like warms. Wasn’t it rumoured that they eat foetus too? Well, we can’t substantiate that.

Back to the point of the discourse, this is as interesting as it goes. Beyond the analytics of The Speaking Pen, we’ve got to take a peek at this awesomely ridiculous concept of a restaurant themed with a lavatorial surroundings.


This strange restaurant is situated somewhere in Ximending, Taiwan. Of course you’d want to know that such concept, set up in Los Angeles has closed shop. I can bet you the idea will die in its conception even before its implemented in Nigeria. I could be surprised anyway.

The narrative just says, you walk in, and sit on covered toilet bowel. That’s exactly the like of your own WC.

You take your meal on a glass table which lies on top of a bath tub. The meal you ordered comes in a mini-black plastic toilet bowl, a WC type. Drinks are served in a miniature urinal. The type you see in public place rest rooms.

Well, I keep wondering. Wouldn’t this prove a viable business idea in Nigeria? You may want to give it a try.

Francis de Sales
Blogger and Writer with penchant for words. Constantly seeking balance: between the beautiful and the grotesque, the abstract and the figurative.