Frequent Gridlock on the Onitsha-Asaba Bridge

Recently, the Asaba-Onitsha Bridge which connects travelers from the West to the East, has been witnessing a heavy gridlock on the bridge.

The Bridge was built between 1964 and 1965 by the French owned construction company, Dumez.

The 53 year old bridge has witnessed series of reinforcement due to its economic relevance to Nigeria. This is due to influx of travelers from the West who come to the East for business transactions.

The incessant gridlock, aside being caused by the busyness of the roads leading to the bridge also has worsened over time majorly due to the Army checkpoint at the two entrances of the bridge.

The continuous traffic on the bridge aside from causing stress to the travelers also endangers the bridge.

To ameliorate the situation, the Federal Government has reawarded the contract for the construction of the second Niger Bridge. The contract for the bridge was awarded to Julius Berger (Nig.) Ltd. at the cost of N14.4 billion.

Francis de Sales
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