About Us

The Speaking Pen, a unique platform created for Intellectual Discourse and Current Affairs was developed as reflection of the mind of some knowledge-hungry and inquisitive minds who would stop at nothing to ensure that knowledge is not just acquired but shared.

The emergence of the platform took years of constant study, observation and acquisition of a broad knowledge of information through painstaking efforts to bring knowledge to everyone.

With The Speaking Pen, a platform has emerged that will give everyone, a pedestal to share knowledge, ideas and information.

On this platform we render information in analytical way. Be it politics, entertainment or whatever category of information we share here, it certainly will be accompanied by analytical presentation. As such, we won’t be delivering just a verbose reportage but a detailed albeit concise piece of knowledge whose intrinsic value and implication on us as humans and on the polity will be very palpable.

As you browse through the myriads of posts on this platform, be prepared to see the world from a different point of view. Get your mind ready for a paradigm shift of what you thought was the norm.

Thank you for finding time to check out this platform. As you surf the contents, we hope that you will have found a deeper knowledge and understanding as much as your craving will take you.

Should you desire to share a life changing knowledge or idea, feel free to reach us through our Contact Page.

Thank you once again.

The Speaking Pen Team.